— ART series collection —

"Individual edition"





This edition can be built in four body types.

Price : from 240.000 - 490.000 $

 ART Series Collection 

ART - series has significant differences from RM - series due to the following improvements :

- Specially for ART - series RAMS has developed a completely new interior , which consist of :

a) Central console (upper & lower) with an all exclusive dashboard

b) Interior door panels with custom handles with electronic mechanism for door opening with the push of a button

c) Composite thresholds with stainless steel panels

d) Composite lining of the tunnel (more dense and compact)

e) Back panel (for hardtop version)

f) Upper & lower composite pads on the central column

g) 2 types of more comfortable & spacious seats for the front and rear rows ( BMW M3 seats or Aston Martin Vantage seats on pneumatic or rigid frame) .

Frame , Body & Suspension can be optionally coated with the most durable & expensive composition called LINE-X « ULTRA » .

All welds on the fabricated parts of ART - series are removed and polished .

Advanced mechanics , electronics and finishing materials .

This is an absolutely new car , collected on the Hummer H1 chassis with an all new :

Engine with 0 miles range

Transmission with 0 miles range

Tires with 0 miles range

CTIS lines

Electronic devices

Interiors upholstery

Interior composite panels

Wood panels

All elements of acoustic equipment and wiring

New braking system

High pressure fuel pumps

Custom stainless steel Exhaust systems with the exhaust insulation wrap .

And many other items which make this car unique …. to get more information about new equipment installed on this car , you can read the «ART - series GUIDE» .

Why RAMSMOBILE ART - Series is so exclusive ?

1. The body and the interior of RAMSMOBILE ART - series assembled entirely on stainless steel bolts and fasteners (more than 6000 pieces on each car) , many of them are handcrafted and polished in our company . Stainless steel bolts are not used by others car manufacturers because of the very high cost . This solution is necessary when assembling the vehicle that must maintain its visual appearance & strength parameters for decades even in aggressive environments and where traces of corrosion are unacceptable !!!

2. The Body , Frame , suspension and all the attached exterior parts are 360°coated with the high - tech protective structure XS330 produced by the Line-x company , which is a world leader in the development of protective compounds . For RM & ART - series we use a strict Line-x manufacturers recommendation , in which he indicates that the technology of applying of the composition on each element separately on all its sides , enables to prevent contact of the coated surface not only with water particles but even with air molecules that in its turn protects the coated product from corrosion forever !!!

This time - consuming and very expensive process required to keep RAMSMOBILES's appearance for decades .

3. To give a luxury and wealthy view to RM & ART series vehicles we install the panels made of valuable & precious breeds of thermo-treated wood (ash , oak , teak) on the tunnel , wheels and on the whole Luggage compartment . Every RAMSMOBILE with its wood panels is unique . As an option we can varnish surface and polish it to get the piano effect on its surface .

4. As an experienced manufacturer of composite parts RAMSMOBILE company has developed many exclusive products which can be installed not only on RM , ART and RM-X1 - series but can also fit for the stock Hummer H1.

Due to the expensive matrixes we can afford to our clients not only fiberglass parts ,but also products made of carbonfiber and kevlar . List of our products :

-Composite RAMS style hybrid X - DOORS developed and created exclusively for RM & ART - series & Hummer H1 .

- SLANTBACK RAMS style composite roof .

- RAMS style Lockers .

- Composite door panels and central console for RM - Series .

- Composite RAMS style custom interior for ART - Series .

- Composite doors civilian version .

5. As an advanced manufactured of stainless steel and titanium products our company has developed a wide and unique collection of accessories which for many years will carry not only the design function but also will provide the practicality and reliability for decades !!!

All our accessories are made of high grade AISI 304 stainless steel or pure titanium.

Many of our stainless steel accessories fit for stock Hummer H1 .

List of our accessories you can find here :

6. Finishing of RAMSMOBILE interiors is a very important point in our production .
For reasons of conscience we do to not use genuine leather of animals , as for many years of work we have well-studied best artificial analogues , which surpass animal skins for all parameters :
For the seats and interior panels upholstering , we use ARPATECH eco - leather or alcantara , which are UV - resistant and able to withstand 500 000 abrasion cycles meanwhile the genuine leather is able to withstand only 100 000 cycles .
The lining of the tunnel we cover with a high quality MAH carpet , which is only used for furnish of premium class interiors on Mercedes and BMW automotive factories .
The awning for our cabriolet versions we produce of yacht fabric :
Sunbrella+ and the inner part we finish with alcantara with the application of embroidery on its surface .
The embroidery of any complexity and design can be also applied on all the interior parts at the request of the client .

7. To make RAMSMOBILE more reliable , powerful and dynamic we install on it several types of absolutely new engines with 0 miles range .

GM 6.0 V8 (385 hp) ;

GM 6.0 V8 +magnacharger (500 hp) ;

GM Duramax 6.6 (300, 450, 600 hp) ;

GM 6.2 V8 (409 hp) ;

GM 6.2 V8 + magnacharger (600 hp)

with an all new transmissions 4L80 , 6L80 Hydromatic ; allison 1000 with an all new transfer cases NP242 .
Additionaly we can equip you car with an advanced braking system such aswilwood .
Advanced air suspension .
Smart CTIS system .

8. For lovers of high quality sound , our team can set in your RAMSMOBILE the best equipment which is able to satisfy any melomaniac .

9. To preserve the ability of RAMSMOBILE to more everywhere we try to install on it only new MT tires on beadlock Rims with the Runflat and CTIS options .

10. An integral part of the design of RAMSMOBILE's interior and of all it's series is the installation of stainless steel floor mats with skull .
Manufacturing of 1 floor mat takes more than one week of time .
A wide range of solutions regarding design and illumination makes it possible to give any desired style to your RAMSMOBILE's interior .

Options & Packages available for this car: