— RM-X1 series collection —

"Demonium edition"

This edition can be build only in slantback body type.

Price : 500000 $ - 1000000$

RM - X1  Series Collection 

There Where space & matter were compressed billions of times .

There Where temperature & pressure exceeded the imaginable measurement values .

There Where The Light was enslaved in gravitational bondage .

There Where was only darkness and chaos .

There Where everything had no chance to be ....

The Idea was born .

It had no weight to be attracted by the gravity .

It had no vulnerable composition to decompose and turn into space dust .

It had no soul ...

Easily and freely it had left its dark & aggressive home , it had overcome hundreds of millions of light - years .

And finely it had stopped to reveal it's meaning & it's essence .

To create it's own image & shape ...

To acquire the hard character ...

To bring the noise and horror .

RM-X1 : only darkness & chaos .