"Corporate strategy"

Officially launched in 2017 our company brings a new vision of luxury & wealth in automotive industry in the field of production of SUVS and ATVs .

It took 5 years to develop a collection of 3 car models based on the Hummer H1 chassis , where each one is unique and unlike any other .

Our desire is to take first place in the world in the sphere of technologies , components and attachments installed and applied on our vehicles . 

That’s why we send commercial offer only to the most advanced companies in it’s field .

In 2017 - 2018 Ramsmobile will present it’s collection of cars in :

- social networks ( Facebook, Instagram, Twitter , Google+ , LinkedIn , YouTube)

- on television (discovery chanel , etc ...)

- At global exhibitions like (SEMA show , Geneva Motor Show, Moscow tuning Show , etc...)

- etc…

You have a unique opportunity to participate in this project, that in it’s turn will give a good publicity to your company and your products , which we will definitely describe and show in our videos and photos on our official website , social network pages & exhibition banners .

If you have any questions or suggestions, we would be happy to answer them. We value your opinion.

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